Jesus Creator and Supreme

November 29. 2015    Colossians 1: 15 – 23   Jesus


     We might ask ourselves what is the biggest issue in the world today?   I suspect some would say poverty, and some would say climate, and others would say terrorism.   There certainly is a spiritual aspect to the world in which we live today and that is the most important issue I believe.   Far more important than asking what is the biggest issue in the world today is asking what is the answer to the world’s problems.   The question is what is man going to do with God?    What is man going to do with Jesus?   Why because in Jesus is the answer to all of man’s problems.  He is the answer to all of your concerns and needs. 

     What is the biggest event that ever happened in the world?  I know that there would be many answers to that if you ask some people on the street.  Some would probably answer that it was Neil Armstrong.   On July 20, 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong stepped off an aluminum ladder and planted his feet on the lunar surface of the moon.   The President of the United States then addressed the nation and said, “The greatest event in human history occurred when man first put his foot on the moon.”   Maybe some would say the production of the atomic bomb.  As Christians we would say that the greatest event in human history was when God put His foot on the earth. He stepped out of heaven, into the womb of a Jewish virgin, and Jesus was born in a manger.

     We think of the tremendous changes in the world from the industrial revolution and technology advances that we experience today.   It is truly amazing.  Our life styles have changed with smart phones, automobiles, airplanes and yet it seems that we are more fragmented than ever.  Our families used to live closer together and now families are scattered all over the place.  Many families are scattered like mine.  I have a sister in Missouri and one in Washington State.   Many people spend a lot of time on texting on the smart phone when family is around them.   That often leads to more fragmentation.   Some would say life is better with all this technology but the Christian sees the world differently.  Christians do appreciate technology but we know Jesus is the answer to life.   There is great attack on the family today.  Marriages are strained and life seems more challenging.  Sadly world is further from God and from Jesus.  But the Christian that draws closer and closer to Jesus is finding life, beauty and peace.   It is truly amazing the impact of Jesus on the world today. 

   Perhaps the most important question we can ask ourselves is who is Jesus?   I think as Christians we would say I know who Jesus is and not think too much more about it.  There is head knowledge and heart knowledge.   In reality we need to think about that a lot.   Jesus asked his disciples at one point what do the people say who I am? .   They had all kinds of comments about who the people thought Jesus was.  The people thought he was John the Baptist who at that point had been slain.  Others said Elijah and Jeremiah.  Jesus asked them who do you say I am?   Peter said you are the Christ the son of the living God.   I think he stands before us today and asks the same thing.   Who do you say that I am?   It is very important what we think about him.   It is very important who we think he is and what we think about Jesus.

     Some today would say he is a great teacher.   Others would say a great prophet and others think that he is a myth and the whole story is a fairy tale.  One person said if you give enough monkeys enough time and typewriters they would come up with a King James Bible.  It is amazing the attack Satan puts forth regarding God and Jesus. 

   We believe that Jesus became flesh so we could become divine.  We are the temple of God.  .  God is in us – what a thought.  He became a son of man so that those who chose to can become sons of God.  He was born contrary to the laws of nature. He lived in poverty, was reared in obscurity, and only once crossed the boundary of the land in which He was born, and that was in His childhood.    In infancy He startled the king, in boyhood He puzzled the learned doctors, and in manhood He ruled the course of nature.   He walked upon the storms of the sea and spoke the waves to stillness.  He cast out demons and healed multitudes. 

    It has been said about him.    He never wrote a book, yet all the libraries of the world cannot contain the books written about Him.  He never wrote a song, yet He furnished the theme for more songs than all the song writers put together. He never founded a college, yet all the schools together cannot boast as many students as Jesus.    He never practiced medicine, yet he has healed more broken hearts and bodies than all the doctors combined. Jesus is the Star of astronomy, the Rock of geology, the Lion and Lamb of zoology, the Harmonizer of all discords, and the Healer of all diseases.   Throughout history, great men have come and gone—yet He lives on.  Herod could not kill Him.   Satan could not seduce Him.  Death could not destroy Him.  And the grave could not hold Him!   There is only one winning team in this world and it is Jesus team.  We will win.  Jesus has already won.   We are on the right side.  You are on the right side.  We may experience some defeats and some are martyred but we win.  We end up in heaven. The end is worth all that we experience here for Jesus. 

    The bible is a book about Jesus.  Jesus is the center of the scripture.  The Old Testament shows the preparation of his coming.   Shortly after man sins in Genesis we see the promise of Jesus coming to destroy the serpent.  The gospels present Jesus as God in human flesh.  The disciples proclaim we beheld his glory.  The apostle John writes we have seen his glory.  In Acts we see the spread of the gospel to the point at one place where it turned the world upside down.  The epistles tell us of Jesus work and about Jesus body the church.   The gospels tell us how to live.  And Revelation presents Jesus on the throne and then coming forth as the rider on the horse to conquer.  It reveals Jesus in power, glory and reigning.  In Luke Jesus after he was resurrected shared with the disciples the things concerning him from the scriptures.  In John Jesus tells the Jewish leaders that they search the scriptures thinking that in them they have eternal life but the scriptures point to Jesus.  Life Eternal life is not found in the law even the law of Moses but in Jesus.  Grace and truth is in Jesus.  Forgiveness and reconciliation are found in Jesus

   This powerful passage of scripture in Colossians clearly tells us who Jesus is.  This is one of the best passages in the bible regarding Jesus.  Another great passage in my mind is Hebrews.  This book of Colossians was written to set the church strait about who Jesus is.  Heresy had infiltrated the church at Colossae and it all centered on the person of Christ.  The Gnostics believed that God was good and that matter was evil.  If all matter was evil what kind of an issue would that be?   They would certainly reject the humanity of Jesus.  If matter is evil and God is a good God then God cannot become flesh.   Since Jesus was human then Jesus could not be God they believed.  Jesus then could not be God and Jesus could not then save anyone.  So in Colossians 2 Paul writes that all the fullness of God is in Jesus in bodily form and that in Jesus you are complete.  It is so important what we believe about Jesus.

     Acts tells us that there is salvation only in Jesus.  There is no other name under heaven given to men by which we can be saved.  No other way to heaven except through Jesus and Satan attacks that name above all names.  You can mention the name of God and that is OK but you step it up when you mention the name of Jesus.  NAME OF JESUS.  The Gnostics attacked Jesus credibility.  It is amazing to me how people believe so much of the stuff that is out on the internet and they believe our history books about what happened but they do not believe the bible.  They will believe stuff they read about Jesus that a person wrote such as Jesus had a relationship with Mary but not believe the bible.  It is amazing and I know who is behind that. 

    Paul rejects the heresy in the first 3 chapters of Colossians.  Paul rejects their denial of Christ’s humanity pointing out that in Christ is all the fullness of Deity dwells in Jesus.  Paul denies that secret knowledge is required to have salvation because Salvation is in Jesus.  In Jesus are all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.  Paul rejects their worship of angels and ceremonialism.  And in this first chapter Paul points out Jesus true identity. 

    Paul writes that Jesus is the image of the invisible God the first born of all creation.  The heretics taught that Jesus was one of several lesser spirits that came from God.   Each spirit was less than God and that is how God could then relate to evil matter.  I like the thought that the sun shines on the manure pile but the manure does not taint the sun at all.  Man was created in the image of God but we are not the perfect image of God.  Like God we possess the ability to think, make decisions and we have feelings.  We are not made in God’s image morally because God is holy and we unfortunately are sinful.  Man certainly does not possess all of his attributes.  We do not possess all knowledge nor have all power.  God has all power.  God gives power and ability but all power ultimately comes back to God. 

    Unlike man Jesus is the perfect accurate image of God.  God was his father and Jesus did not have the sin nature of Adam.  Jesus did not become the image of God when he was born.  Jesus is the first born of all creation.   That does not mean that he came into being at that point.  In the Greek it refers to Jesus position and rank.  Esau was born before Jacob but Jacob was the first born.  God called Israel first born but they were not the first nation.  Then Paul writes that Jesus created all things.  How then could Jesus be created?  Jesus is before all things. 

    The Gnostics taught that Jesus was less then God which is total heresy and blasphemy.  Since they saw matter as evil they could not believe that a good God could create matter.  Paul writes that Jesus created all things visible and invisible.  That is amazing.  The sun in the galaxy we are in is so big that it could hold 1.3 million planets the size of earth.  Scientists estimate that the number of stars in the universe is roughly the same number of grains of sand on the sea shores of the whole world.  Jesus spoke and created all of that.  The universe bears witness to God.  Nothing cannot produce something.  Jesus is before all things.  When the universe began Jesus already existed.  Jesus said before Abraham was born I am.   Jesus did not say before Abraham was born I was which could mean he was made or came into existence before Abraham.  Jesus said I am Before Abraham.  Abraham lived about 2 thousand years before Jesus so Jesus was either insane when he said that or else He is God. 

    Jesus also by his power holds all things together. Scientists have studied the oxygen nucleus.  Inside are 8 positive charged protons and 8 neutrons a total of 16 particles and 8 are positively changed and 8 with no charge.   The positive charged protons repel each other.  There is no natural reason for oxygen to exist except that the bible tells us Jesus upholds all things by his power.  Creation Science institute in San Diego says all atoms should fly apart.  If you think about it should never have been created and if made then it should explode with the force of nuclear bombs according to the book the atom speaks.  And we could ask how can these little atoms with so much space around the electrons and protons can make up physical matter.  It would take a very powerful and intelligent being to create a world and galaxy that we live in.     Paul writes that Jesus is the creator.  All the angelic and spiritual forces Jesus created. 

   Then Paul writes that Jesus is the head of the church or the body of Christ.  He has the first place in everything.  Jesus is not an angel who serves the church he is the head of the church.  Jesus lives through all of the church’s members.   The church has been called a family, a vineyard, a flock, a building and a bride.  The church is a body and Jesus sis the head of the body.  He provides the wisdom and strength of the church.  He becomes the point of unity.  Christians become sisters and brothers spiritually.  We are all joined together. 

   Jesus deserves our best thoughts and highest thoughts.  In heaven we will worship him and be with him.  He is our life now and will always be our life.  Jesus is eternal and therefore we have eternal life because of Jesus.  We are reconciled to God through Jesus and are forgiven through his blood and sacrifice.  He is our life.