God of Love

November 9, 2014   Psalm 139   Love 

   Brennan Manning who authored Ragamuffin Gospel said that after 48 years of his salvation and after spending thousands of hours in meditation and time in God’s word that on judgment day God will have one question and only one question for us?    What do you think that question in his mind would be?   He said God will ask us if we believed that God loved us.  I do not know if God will ask us that on judgment day but it is important to think about.    Do you believe that God desired you and that he loved you that God desired to hear your voice and that God cares for you?  He said the true believers will say yes Lord and I tried to shape my life around that fact.  I tried to shape my life around the fact that you love me and that changed my life.   But others will have to say well Lord I heard some good messages on that, I even preached some myself, and I read that in the scripture but I was busy with your work and with life.  

    You do not have to go too far to find love.   Think of the men and women all over the world who are searching in vain to find love.   They go to the wrong places to find love.  On the TV show the bachelor and bachelorette they talk about seeking and finding love.  They search in vain because they are not searching in the right place.    Many seek to find love in work or service and in family and many are searching for love in the opposite sex.   God loves you and longs to be close to you.   He longs to share in your deepest joys, sorrows and needs.   God longs to be with you in your fears and your loneliness.   God longs to help you solve your questions and your problems.  Many folks are lonely but their life is so full of stuff they do not even know it.  Some folks go out and buy that used car and they have to have that stereo on loud.   The used car salesman likes that because the buyer misses all the stuff that is not running right.  I had a friend who wanted a standard transmission because his hands had to have something to do when he drove.    Some cannot appreciate God’s creation because they are too busy. 

      You do not have to search too far to find meaning in life.  I think to really have meaning in life is to know the one who created you and to experience a loving relationship with God.  You do not have to be productive to be fulfilled.   Martha was not filled or content as she prepared the meal while Mary was doing well at the feet of Jesus.   It is good for us to learn to be content at the feet of Jesus and not sputtering about a 1001 other things.   I think the secret is sitting at the feet of Jesus while we obey him and work.   Lord in these moments you are here and you are with me and you love me.    As I preach Lord your spirit is here.   Lord you are with me.  All my days are sacred.  

    Paul wrote some interesting things in I Corinthians 13.  He said if I have faith to move mountains and do not love it means nothing.   If I give everything I own and give my life to be martyred but do not love it means nothing.      He said if I can speak great prophetic words but do not love it means nothing.  Isn’t it true in a sense that you are as big as your concept of God?   You are as big as your understanding of and experiencing God’s love?   If love is the major factor for a person’s character and maturity then how are you doing in growing in your understanding of God’s love?   God’s love is pure love.   It is not like the love we see and have experienced in this world.   If you do a great job at work then you are appreciated and accepted but that is not true of God.   If you do a lousy job he loves you.   Children need to know that they are loved whether they behave of not.   Parents that is a tough one.   God loves you in your highs and in lows and whether you are producing or not.   Be thankful because God loves you.  Bask in God’s love soak in it like you would enjoy a hot shower or a bubble bath.   The Christian can fill their cup in God’s love. 

    God loves you as you are today.   God loves the unsaved and He certainly loves the Christian.    I look at my life and wonder how anyone could love me.   I see the flesh part of me easily.   I marvel that God can use me.  I am humbled at times when he uses me.  God loves me as I am today.  Am I getting more Christ like?   Yes – sure and thank you Lord but I will never be perfect in this life.   There is always more room to grow.   God loves me as I am right now.   He hates sin but he loves me.  I can bask in his love right where I am right now.   I hope to be more like Jesus tomorrow but He loves me now.   God is deeply involved in my life.  Jesus loves me when I sin.   Jesus loves me when I miss my devotions.   Jesus loves me when I relax.   Some of us find it hard to relax.   It is OK to relax.   I give you permission to relax. 

      Jesus loves me when I go brain dead.  Jesus loves me when I burn out.  Jesus loves me when my back hurts.  Jesus loves me when I sleep and when I shower and He even loves me before I shower.  I missed shaving one day this past week but that did not change his love for me.  He loves me when I am afraid and Jesus loves me when I get angry. Jesus loves me when I go to church and when I do not go to church.  Jesus grieves when I sin but still Jesus loves me and Jesus loves you.  Jesus loves the bank robber.   Jesus loves the person hooked on drugs.   Jesus loves those involved with sexual sin.  Jesus loves the Politian’s.   Jesus loves the Hitler’s of the world.  Sometimes it is easier to think that God loves the Hitler’s of the world and but Jesus cannot love me and that is just plain wrong.     Can you accept and feel his love.  The love of Jesus needs to fill us.   Feeling and experiencing Jesus love will strengthen you and lift you up and fulfill your life.   My life has meaning and my ministry has meaning because God loves me and people.  I will not change the world but God will use me to help some others.  A guy called me this week that I have not talked to or seen since 1972.  I was his team leader for awhile in Colorado Springs.  To touch a human life is so precious.  To pray and love someone is so important and rewarding. 

    The body is absolutely amazing isn’t it?    Bob Hope discovered and said today my heart beat over 103,000 times, my blood traveled 168 million miles, I breathed 23,400 times, I inhaled 438 cubic feet of air, ate 3 pounds of food, and drank 2.9 pounds of liquid, I perspired 1.43 pints… gave off 85.3 degrees of heat… generated 450 tons of energy,  I spoke 4,800 words, I moved 750 major muscles, and I exercised 7 million brain cells.     (pause…) It’s no wonder I’m tired all the time.”  For example: in a square inch of skin, you would find: 20 blood vessels; 65 muscles; 78 nerves; 78 sensors for heat, 13 for cold, 160 for pressure; 650 sweat glands; 1300 nerve endings; and 19,500,000 cells.    

     Then, there’s your brain which weighs about three pounds, but stores 100 trillion bits of information over the course of 70 years. That storage capacity is roughly equal to 500,000 sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica (which, if stacked, would stretch out over 442 miles). Your brain does all this and uses less power than a 100-watt bulb.   Your brain is serviced by about 45 miles of nerves that send impulses through your body as rapidly as 325 miles per hour.   Your nervous system is so sensitive you are able to feel on your fingertips (or face) a pressure that depresses your skin a bare .00004 (400,000’s) inch - roughly the weight of a bee’s wing falling on your cheek.   Then, there are your ears: A piano has 88 keys, but each of your ears has a keyboard with 1500 keys. They are so finely tuned that you can hear the blood running through your vessels.   Your eyes are capable of seeing a small candle flame from 30 miles away on a clear, dark night. And can distinguish among more than 300,000 different color variations.   As David wrote in verse 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 

     David in this passage had such a handle and such understanding of God.    Could you imagine writing this Psalm if you did not know the bible at all?    David did not have the scriptures that we have today.   I suspect that David had access to the first 5 books of the bible that Moses wrote and maybe the book of Job.      This Psalm is so profound.   David knew that God loved him.   David knew about God’s awesome power and God’s wisdom and presence.   David knew that God understood every sin that David would ever commit and yet David delighted in the knowledge that God was always thinking about him.   That is pretty amazing I think.   David knew that God was with him even when he sinned with Bathsheba.     David had an inside understanding of God and that had a profound impact on his life.  Was he perfect no but he could have been a lot worse.     I think it is amazing that anyone could write about God so accurately.    God you knew my frame and saw my unformed body.   David says God you know all of my days before any of them came to pass.   God you know all my tomorrows.   Then David says how precious are your thoughts and vast the number of your thoughts God towards me.   David said if I were to count your thoughts toward me God they would be more than grains of sand.   Life is precious because of God.   Be thankful because God loves you. 

     In America we are getting so far from God.  We are moving away from biblical truth and the moral foundations are falling apart.   It is against the law to hurt a baby eagle or to destroy eagle’s eggs.   But aborting a human baby is federally endorsed and even funded.   How do you think God feels about that or maybe a better question is how do we feel about that?   I suppose that if a person felt that we evolved from mud and apes that anything is OK.   I would guess that for those that think there is no higher being and no absolute moral truth then anything becomes OK.   That’s just logic. The Christian has a higher standard.   We see every human being as special and loved by God.   Every human being is unique. 

     God said through Jeremiah, "Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, let not the mighty man glory in his might, nor let the rich man glory in his riches; but let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows me." (Jeremiah 9:23-24).    I do not think that God is saying to glory in what I know.   Let him glory that he understands God.   The glory is in the essence of God.   It is in the character of God and yes be thankful of what we know about God.   Our glory is not in the things of this world.   Paul said God forbid that I should glory except in the cross.  You can know him and not just know about him.   You can know and experience his love.   The apostle Paul said I want to know him.   I want to know Jesus suffering.  He pressed on to know and experience Jesus.    That was a drive in his life to know this great God. 

     When Henry Norris Russell, a Princeton astronomer, had concluded a lecture on the Milky Way, a woman came to him and asked: “If our world is so little, and the universe is so great, can we believe that God pays any attention to us?” Dr. Russell replied, “That depends, madam, entirely on how big a God you believe in.”  David believed in a big God.   David also believed that this big God was crazy in love with David and with people.   Because God loves us we can move the hands of God in prayer.  God wants to hear us pray and actually desires to answer our prayer requests.   It is amazing that nothing is too hard for God and that God can change things when I pray.  

           God made all the difference in David’s life.   As a young lad he was willing to take on Goliath.   David had already fought a lion and a bear protecting the sheep.  Later in life David became king and we may think well David had it easy but David did not have an easy life.   He ran for his life several times from Saul.   At one point David’s men talked about stoning him.   He left Jerusalem later in life because his son Absalom had turned Israel against him.   David stuck with life and found strength in his walk with God.   David writes God you hem me in behind and before you have laid your hand upon me.   A person who understands that God’s hand is upon them can do great things.  They can persevere in trials of life.   David held his head high because God’s hand was upon him. 

     This Psalm is a love song of David.  It is a Psalm of joy and of confidence.   It is like David is bragging on God.   This is my God and this is what God has done for me.  This is how big my God is.   My God is the only God and he is with me.  My God saw me before I was born and He sees all my days.  This is a Psalm of worship.   It is for the director of worship.  David exalts in the greatness and majesty of God.   David focal point in life is God.   His focus is on God.   For those that walk with God they have one awesome friend at their side.