Jesus Heals

April 28, 2013   John 9     Jesus Heals  

       I think this is my 100 sermon from the gospel of John in this church but my first sermon on this chapter.  I know I have mentioned this passage before though.   The passage starts out with as they were walking along.   Just an average day going along with life and it turns into an opportunity to minister not only to the disciples but to the man that needed to be healed and to the religious leaders and to us today.   The disciples have a question for Jesus and it is one that we still think about today.   This man is blind and did he sin or his parent’s sin. They did not see him as man in need but as a point of theology.    In Acts we see Paul gets ship wrecked towards the end of his life and is on an island.   They build a fire and a snake is warmed by the fire and comes out and bites Paul.   The locals think well this man must have been a murderer and he survived the storm but justice has not allowed him to live.   You know the attitude the chicken comes home to roost.   Or he is going to get his.  Paul shakes the snake off in the fire and they watch Paul and notice that the snake bite does not hurt him.   This is in Acts 28.  They expected him to swell up and drop dead.  They wait a long time and Paul doe not even swell up so they consider him to be a god.   Then Paul heals all the sick on the island.  God use a snake bite to open the door for ministry.   It is pretty amazing just a day in ministry.   Sometimes we think the bottom of our world has fallen out when something bad happens but when we walk with God nothing is in vain and God uses everything for His purposes.   Life is not easy but it is tougher without the Lord I think.

       Jesus is walking along with his disciples and we get this passage of the bible.  It was just a day.   Every day is important and every day has meaning.  God does not waste anything in the Christians life.   And a man in need is there.   Jesus said in Luke 14 “When you give a reception (banquet), invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, since they do not have the means to repay you; for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous”.  Why did this man get healed?    Why was this man chosen to receive his sight?   It could have been someone else.  Needy people are on our Lords heart.   These people have our Lord’s heart. They are special to Him.  

       The disciples ask did this man sin or his parent’s sin?      That is a good question.    It may be something that we have struggled with.    Did I do something wrong and that is why I am going through this?    Did you ever think that?   Sometimes it seems like that things just go the wrong way and it is no fun.   Jesus made it clear to his disciples that it was not his sin or his parents.   Certainly deformity is the result of Adam or man’s fall.   And yes at one point he sinned and his parents sinned.    Jesus said that it happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.   I wonder how many people have suffered something like that so that the work of God might be displayed in their life.   What an honor to have the work of God displayed in a person’s life.   What a blessing to experience to work of God in your life.   And how many people did not understand that God allowed it in their life so God could do a miracle for them and so others may know of God’s love and blessing?   We need to remember that Jesus raised up Lazarus but later he died.   He is still not alive today and we need to remember that Solomon said there is a time to be born and a time to die.    It is certainly hard to know in life why certain things happen.   It would be well for us to ask God about the situations that we face.   God what is your will with this?   

     Jesus said as long as it is day we must do the work of him who sent me Jesus said meaning we all need to do the work that God has for us to do.    Work is important.  Whatever God has for you to do is important.   If it is cleaning or cooking or changing diapers or shoveling dirt it is important.   God gave you work to do which is important.   Life for the Christian is important and time is important.   The work that God has given us to do is important.   Life has meaning and value.   Your life is important.  Your service your prayers your ministry your offerings are important.   While we can we do what we can.   The time is coming when the books so to speak will be closed.  There are 2 ways to look at that one is that we will leave this world someday.   The other is that the world will end some day.  Either way at some point our work in this world will stop.   Then Jesus tells them while he is in the world that he is the light of the world.  That is quite a claim.   Again Jesus sis either very delusional or He is God.   Wouldn’t it be interesting to walk with perfection and light?    It might be a little scary also.   Jesus had insight into his disciple’s lives.   I do not think at times they wanted him to know what they were talking about and what they were up to.  

     How do you think this guy lived his life?   What was life like for him?   It is not easy to beg.   But did he expect that someday God would heal him?   What exactly are the chances of that?   Had he heard about Jesus and he was hoping and praying that Jesus would come by and visit him?   We could wonder.   As I have thought about this man I really have some questions.   Did he find out that he was born blind so that God would be glorified by the miracle that Jesus does for him by giving him sight and if so how did he feel about that?   Probably no gal would want to marry him.   Begging is probably not the steadiest income.   He lived for years blind and that is not normal and it is not easy.   Perhaps by now he is too old to marry and have children.   For some people to miss out on having children is very tough.  And I have to ask myself what am I willing to sacrifice so God can be glorified?   I suspect that this visit from Jesus and his healing is worth everything.   Job suffered a great deal but having a visit from God changed his attitude and his life and I think Job felt like it was worth every single day of his suffering.  .  

    The Jesus spits on the ground and makes some mud from the saliva and puts it on the man’s eyes and tells him to go and wash in the pool of Siloam.   That is a pretty weird way of healing someone isn’t it?   One could wonder why Jesus did that.   Jesus gave him very specific instruction s regarding what he was supposed to do.   What do you think would have happened if he disobeyed?    He probably would not have been healed.   What if you were having trouble with your eyes and you went to the doctor and he spit on the ground and made some mud put it on your eyes and then told you to go and wash your eyes in Lake Winnipeasukee.   I suspect that we might ask him if he had it figured out correctly.   Are you sure that is what you want me to do doctor?   You have heard of new math well is this new medicine.   Actually it is old medicine that really works.   When God is in it, it works.     God has chosen the foolish things of the world.  

       Maybe that was his test of faith.   I wonder if others failed their test of faith.   I do not know of any recorded in the gospels but there could be some who did not follow directions and then were not healed.   God’s ways are not our ways.  It is certainly interesting that Jesus did many different things when he healed people.  Many times it was different.  So the man goes and washes his eyes and comes home seeing.   It is good to follow what God says.   It seems to me that Christians have a hard time doing what God tells us to do when it comes to praying, bible study, tithing, and sharing the gospel.   It seems like we are dropping the ball.   Christians we all need to dig in and draw near to God and obey God.   You are not obeying God if you do not read the bible, pray tithe and share the gospel.     

      How do people respond when someone is healed?    Well it is interesting how people responded in this passage.   You would think there would be great joy but that is not the case with everyone.   So some of the neighbors say gee I think this is the man who used to beg.   And others were saying naw he just looks like him.   So they go and ask him are you the man who used to beg and he said I am he.   Then they want to know what happened to him?   How did you happen to see now?   So he tells them Jesus made some mud and told me to go and wash and when I did I could see. 

    So they take him to the Pharisees.  The Pharisees check the healing out and that is further proof of the healing.  They are much more interested in how he was healed rather than who healed him.    The find out that Jesus healed on the Sabbath.   I guess we can say jokingly you can’t make mud on the Sabbath actually you can’t heal on the Sabbath.   Now there is trouble.   Jesus tried to help these guys with their attitude about healing on the Sabbath.  I was around one guy 40 years ago and he said at one point Jesus picks a fight.  His take on healing on the Sabbath is Jesus picking a fight.   Jesus heals and does a good thing and they are mad.   Jesus was misunderstood.    Jesus heals on the Sabbath and sadly it is not going to set well with folks. The Pharisees say Jesus sis a sinner because he heals on the Sabbath.  He can’t be from God because he does fit with our expectations.   Some said well how can Jesus do these things if he is not from God?    This is one miracle that was not done in the Old Testament.   People were healed and leprosy was healed and the dead were raised up but not the blind given their sight.

       Some of the Jews ask his parents if he was born blind because they were having trouble believing.  His parents told them that he was their son and that he was born blind.   The told the Pharisees that they did not know how he was healed because they were afraid that they would be put out of synagogue.   The leaders said that anyone who acknowledges that Jesus was the Christ would be put out of the synagogue.   Can you imagine that anyone who claimed Jesus could not go to Jesus house?   Jesus said my house is a place of prayer.   Jesus is not welcome in his own house.   That must have grieved him a great deal.  These guys are fruit cakes.     Anyway these leaders were a bit far from God.   Jesus at the end of the chapter tells them that they are blind.   They were blind.   It is far better to be physically blind then spiritually blind. 

     Christians experience similar attitudes when we try to help someone out or when we try to minister.   Pastors sometimes get a feel for what Jesus experienced.   Sometimes you are not understood and it just blows up in your face.  And we may wonder what did I do wrong.  We did not do anything wrong.   An hour is coming for everyone who kills you to think that he is offering service to God” (John 16:2).   There are churches and people who are badly treated by pastors and church leadership.   Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding.   I just encouraged a gal to leave her church and divorce was part of the issue but she could not connect with church leadership and there comes a point where the best thing is to go.   I am careful in counseling like that.   We do not encourage church hopping around here.  Jesus was absolutely right on for healing this man.  Sometimes we may not go about ministering in the correct way or with the right spirit.   But sometimes truth is not wanted so there is some other issue.     The Jews would circumcise on the Sabbath.   Jesus told them that it should be ok to make a man whole on the Sabbath day.  Traditions can be good and they can be bad.  The Pharisees hung on their rules and guidelines.   It was almost like a god to them and it was not good.   The priests worked on the Sabbath day.  They offered sacrifices. Jesus told them that if their animal fell into a ditch they would pull it out on the Sabbath.  And I am certainly not encouraging work 7 days a week.   We need to spend a day focusing on God and resting.  We need a day to worship and read scripture and pray.  

     Verse 35 is Interesting where Jesus hears that he is thrown out and Jesus finds him.  Jesus seeks the man out to minister again to him.   Jesus seeks us.  Jesus told his disciples that they did not seek him but Jesus picked them.  When we are down and out and cast out the Lord has his eye upon us.   Sometimes we deserve to be there but that was not the case with this man.   This passage certainly gives us hope.   Jesus can come and change things any time on just an ordinary day.  God desires to bless you today.