Easter Sunrise

March 31, 2013  Matthew 26   Jesus and Peter 

  READ Matthew 26: 31 - 35     Peter was a tough ole fisherman.  Jesus tells the disciples in this passage you all are going to fall away because of me.   And Jesus tells them again I will rise from the dead.   Now you would think that after 3 or so years with Jesus that Peter had learned some things about Jesus.    One thing that you would think that Peter had learned was that Jesus was never wrong.   What does Peter do but open his big mouth.   Lord if these guys fall away I won’t - I am the dude.  Even if all fall away Lord I will never do that.   I am the man.  You can count on me Jesus!   All of the disciples are there listening to Peter.   How do you think the other disciples feel?   They may fall - there wimps.

    Jesus turns to Peter.  I tell you the truth this very night before the rooster crows; you will disown me 3 times.   Does Peter listen and absorb and think about who is speaking and what Jesus is saying?  Sometimes we think we are so right.   Sometimes we think we do not need to listen to others.      Peter is right back at it.  Even if I have to die with you Jesus I will not disown you.   Of course the other disciples have to jump right in.   That is right Lord - that is true of us also.   We got your back you can count on us.     Of course Jesus does not argue with them.   Jesus spoke twice – that’s it. 

    READ 26:36 – 46        Well this is a new scene.  This scene is a very difficult one.   Jesus embraces and accepts the Father’s will as He always did.   Jesus wrestled with the knowledge that he would be cursed with sin.   The sin of the world is a lot to take.  He is going to be made a curse because of my sin.   Jesus labors himself his flesh into the submission of that.   Holiness becomes corrupted with sin.  There was physical pain and death to face also and it is not easy.  The disciples needed to pray.  Jesus told them you need to pray.   Pray that you do not enter into temptation.  These are tough moments and you need to be prayed up.  There are times you need to pray Lord keep me from evil.   It would have been nice if they prayed for Jesus.   Luke tells us that Jesus tells Peter Simon, Simon Satan has desired to sift you as wheat but I have prayed for you that your faith will not fail.  Luke writes that Jesus prays so fervently that his sweat is like blood.   The pain, suffering and agony are unbelievable.       Well let’s read on about Jesus and Peter.

     READ Luke 22:54 – 62    Jesus words come to pass as they always do.  God is not a man that he should lie.   The chicken comes home to roost so to speak.  Peter is warming himself in the courtyard and he is confronted by a girl.   You were with Jesus.   Oh I don’t know what you are talking about.   Peter goes out to the gateway and another person sees him.  You were with that fellow Jesus of Nazareth.  Peter I don’t know that man!!!   Peter is getting a little hot under the collar now.   After awhile another person says to him surely you are one of them because you are from Galilee.   Matthew says his accent gave Peter away.   Then Peter is cursing and swears.   I don’t know the man!   Just then as he says that the rooster crows and Jesus turns and looks strait at Peter.  Oh my! Ouch!   I would submit to you that at that point Peter was totally wrecked.   He runs or as it says he goes out and weeps bitterly.   His soul is in agony.  He is broken.   I would submit to you that we are all broken.   We are all fallen people.   God is holy and he would not have to look too far to find something wrong within all of us. 

      Let me ask you how do you think Jesus looked at him?    Well o Peter o boy I told you so.   Peter if you would just prayed.  I ask you to pray Peter and you blew it!    Peter are you ever going to get it right?   Peter pride comes before a fall.  Interesting in Luke’s account just hours before this they were arguing who was the greatest of them.  How do you think Jesus looked at him?   How do you think Jesus looks at you?   I have to believe that Jesus looked at him with eyes of love and compassion because my lord is full of humility.  When we are broken and come to him his arms are open wide.  

    I was in an accident recently and word got out that I had a broken rib and my truck got totaled.   Even this week I was asked about it and they want to know the details and of course our human nature wants to know whose fault it was.   .  Well it was my fault and I noticed one person smile as they got the details which was OK but one of my pastor friends told me I want to know what is going on in your life and not to be critical.      How many friends do you have like that?   I would submit to you today that if you know Jesus you have one friend like that.   Jesus experienced the pain of this life and if you will come to him in your brokenness and confess your brokenness Jesus will love on you and bless you. 

      Peter learned a little about being broken and about accepting and loving others that were less than perfect.   Learning to be compassionate is a lifelong process for us and it is part of God’s training for our lives.   It comes in the form of failure for some it is marriage or being parents, money, job failure, etc.    If you have experienced some failure or brokenness I can assure you that if you know God He will use that for a blessing.   All things work for good to those that love God and walk with Him.   The cross worked for good and the resurrection worked for good.  Jesus sees you with eyes of love, compassion and understanding.   He also will tell you and me to sin no more. 

     I wanted to preach on resurrection for this service so here is my short message on resurrection.   I think that Jesus sees us with resurrection eyes.  I am not sure that I know all of what that may mean but Jesus experienced hatred, mocking, rejection, the weight of a huge cross that he could no longer carry.  Though perfect he sees you through those eyes and he sees us from the Fathers right hand where he prays for us.   Remember when he said from the cross forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing.   Jesus sees people differently than we do.   He sees you with love and compassion.